Sunday, September 5, 2021

Trip Report: Cuyuna Recreation Area (September 2021)

We just got back from an awesome trip to Cuyuna Recreation Area in central Minnesota! The weather was absolutely perfect and we had a blast. 

Soren rocking the Cuyuna Pump Track

On Saturday we started with a couple of laps at the Cuyuna Pump Track. This track is one of our favorite places to goof around and play with the whole family. There is a great playground for non-biking kids and a covered picnic shelter for eating a snack. 

Galloping Goose

After a few laps around the pump track (and some snacks) we headed over to Mahnomen Unit South to do Galloping Goose (6.5 miles) and spend some time on the skills track. After we got back to the parking lot, Grandma discovered a flat tire, so we headed over to Red Raven for a quick repair (and a snack), then to Yawney Unit for a couple of laps of Trout.  

We had dinner at Rafferty's Pizza (which was excellent) and hit the hay. 

The next day we had breakfast at Mixed Company, then did Haul Road, Winze, and Bobsled. Bobsled looks to have been groomed quite a bit since we were in Cuyuna in the spring, the berms were great!

Bobsled (The Fast Part)

Soren Commentary on Bobsled

I wish they had berm, big jump, berm big jump. They could have made a big jump over that creek. See how it goes lower down there? They could have jumps there to jump over that little creek.

Winze is a new trail (it doesn't yet show up on the MTB Project). It has an incredible jump line and has some big curves similar to Bobsled. Soren crushed it (I fell). 

Winze Jumps (and Dad Fall)

Soren commentary on Winze: 

Is this a black diamond?


If you fell off

It would hurt but it wouldn't kill you.

Regarding my fall

Oh, that’s why I was waiting for a while yelling, “Dad, you coming? Dad, you coming?” 




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